Some Cool Coworking Cafes in Montreal

Tommy Cafe Old Montreal

Every once in awhile, I like to venture out in my home city of Montreal and experience the nomad life. In summer, Montreal is a vibrant city European flair and festive atmosphere inspires people in ways that other cities in Canada don’t. If you’re a digital nomad who is looking to work in a laid-back cosmopolitan city that won’t break your budget, consider Montreal. It is one of the most affordable major cities in North America and has a low cost of living. Its winding, cobblestone streets, waterfront views, cultural festivals, and international flavors may help inspire your passions. Montreal offers a range of coworking cafes and spaces and to work in, whether you are looking for a formal, funky or artsy setting. Here are some cool ones – click on the names to get to their websites. Check back often, as I’ll keep adding to the list as I discover more places!

La graine brûlée

La graine brûlée is one of my favorite coworking cafes to work and to hang out in because it’s just crazy and very original. It’s funky and kitschy and feel like a coworking space. It’s worth checking out just to see the playful decor. The first thing you see when you walk in is an old roller coaster car. You can work in a circular, carousel-like booth and even rent it out just for your group. Or you can escape the buzzy atmosphere and work in the back section that looks like a children’s library. You can even work in a wooden box while you sit on giraffe-patterned cushions. Then, take a break and head to the old school ‘playroom’ that’s decorated with floppy disks and play some NES classics.

Code & Café

As soon as you walk into Code & Cafe, you can tell that it was designed for a young and technologically-inclined crowd. With sleek and contemporary furniture, pipes on the walls, power outlets and USB sockets everywhere, even at the coffee bar and a glass conference room which you can rent for meetings, Code & Cafe is a great place to work on your own or with a group. They also host Meetups there, and offer courses like coding and robotics. You can simply walk-in and just buy one of their delicious coffees or choose to stay awhile and have unlimited coffee and cakes and pay by the hour.

Tommy Café + Apéro

Tommy Café has two locations, both in the Old Port of Montreal. The one on Notre-Dame street is best to work at as you can just walk in and stay there for as long as you want. The cafe is bright and modern with beautiful decor – plants that hang from the ceiling and a cute retro living room on the second floor. Their other location, on St. Paul street, is a bit more formal and you have to ask to be seated – great for brunch!  Tommy also serves one of the best avocado toasts in Montreal!

Tommy Café’s Old Montreal location: a mix between modern and retro

Crew Collective & Café

What do you get when you take what was once the tallest historical landmark in Canada, re-purpose it, and add tables, couches and glass booths? You get the biggest and prettiest cafe in Montreal! Step inside the old Royal Bank Tower, and you can tell that this cafe was once a fancy bank. The building is simply breathtaking; it has 50-foot-high ceilings, antique chandeliers, vaulted cathedral-style windows. The public spaces are usually packed, so get there early. To work in the co-working sections – the glass booths or meeting rooms- you need a join and get a membership, or you can get a day pass, or pay by the hour -$15-$30 CAD per hour, depending on what you need.

Gypsy Kitchen+Bar

This is a great place for nomads, travelers and adventurers – Gypsy’s original location is in Canggu, Bali, so it brings the whole bohemian Bali vibe to Montreal. While you work from the wicker chairs or comfy booths, you can grab some coffee or some fresh juices, smoothies, salads, and even some natural wines, local beers and kombucha cocktails to unwind after work. I popped in for dinner and had their delicious tuna poke bowl! 

Bali vibes at Gypsy Kitchen + Bar

Anticafé Montréal

Two locations: Anticafé Old Montreal Anticafé Downtown Montreal

A co-working cafe and coworking space that looks and feels like a home. Simply pay for using the space – 4$ for the first hour, 2$ every hour after – you’ll only pay max $12 CAD per day. Indulge in free coffee, cookies, bread and other goodies all day! Anticafé also hosts events and meetups such as live music nights, language exchanges and slam poetry nights. 

Do you know any other cool coworking cafes in Montreal? Let me know, and I’ll add them to the list!


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  1. Fadima Mooneira

    These cafes are so cool. Sometimes we need an awesome place to do work and have a group discussion.

    1. Kim

      Hi Fadima, yes absolutely! If there are any cool cafes that you like to work at, let me know! I like discovering them everywhere in the world!

  2. Fizz

    These all look so cool! I love that cafes are starting to cater for people working there, not a lot of places in my area do that. Montreal in general looks amazing too!

    1. Kim

      There aren’t a lot of places in Montreal like that, but the few that we have are very nicely designed. Montreal is great is summer! If you end up visiting, let me know!

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