Leaving the 9-5, Living Abroad and Going Places

The Go Places Now story began with me saying that I deserved to do more than what I was doing: working 9-5 doing social media and marketing for an IT company, freelance writing, owning a tiny condo, exhausting myself, and having a very routine life. After having just been reminded that life is short following a medical journey that required me to go through multiple surgeries and months of recovery, I decided that it was time to go out and build the life that I deserved.

Needing a change of scenery, I simple wanted to go abroad for a year. So after months of contemplation, I set off to do a work-study program in Spain. Little did I know that nothing would turn out as I planned. I ended up running away from my placement on the first day because I didn’t feel comfortable ad safe in the area I was placed in.

I fled to the nearest big city, Seville, a beautiful city in the south of Spain and frantically found a place and a job in less than 72 hours. I taught English at a language centre for a few months while trying to master the Sevillian Spanish (that didn’t go well) and lived with two housemates – one spoke English and French, and the other only spoke Spanish. My south-American-influence Spanish was only a bit useful, but it helped me understand the Southern Spanish culture and (sometimes strange) customs.

After a few months, I headed to Morocco and embarked on a one month co-working/co-living experience called Unsettled. I lived in a traditional Moroccan riad with a group of like-minded professionals from around the world. Together, we explored the medinas, coasts, mountains and deserts, learned new skills from each other, pushed our boundaries, de-mystified and re-mystified life. It was a really cool experience, which I recommend. If you’d like to try it out, check out their co-working retreats here (enter my name for a referral discount).

Following that, I headed to Europe. To Paris, where I caught up with friends and on some creative projects; to Amsterdam where I met a colleague that I had never met in person, and reunited with a housemate who lived with me 12 years ago in Mexico; to Vienna where coffee is served the ‘proper’ way – with a glass of water; to Switzerland where I hiked in the rain (not recommended) and visited an enchanted cave; to London where I met some of my favorite writers and had them show me around the city; and to Barcelona where I got pick-pocketed for the second time in my life, had a stranger present me with a book he wrote, made friends, made enemies and learned the value of being true to yourself.

The last leg of my adventure was randomly spent in Hong Kong, where I initially had no intention of heading to. I literally lived in a box while I overworked myself teaching English to kids. I explored temples, hills and concrete jungles and lived the high life with some amazing people from all over the world. It was an intense, but great experience.

So much for just going away for a year to work and study, right? 

Sometimes, life just wants you to go places. I want you to go places. I don’t mean you need to go on a 20+ city adventure like I did; I want you to push your boundaries and do things that make you feel alive.

Welcome to Go Places Now. I hope you’ll go places, whatever that means to you, and that you find the inspiration you need to do so. Our goal is to share stories and help you live your best life.

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Peace and love,


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  1. Sari

    Can’t wait to read more! Congrats on the launch.

    1. Kim

      Thanks Sari! Can’t wait to write more!

  2. Jenn

    Love this! So proud (and envious!) of you for leaving the ‘safe’ job and going to see the world. Look forward to following you on the blog.

    1. Kim

      Amazing! Thanks Jenn! Looking forward to hearing what you think!

  3. Talia

    This is so cool ! Cant wait to read more, congrats on following your hearts desire, & on to the next adventure.

    1. Kim

      Thanks Talia! Glad you like it and that you’ll read more!

  4. Mika

    I’m truly happy for you Kim! You did a big step in your life. Continue and be happy!!

    1. Kim

      Thank you Mika! Glad you’re reading!

  5. Dana

    Happy for you Kim! Be safe and be well! ❤️

  6. Rebecca

    Good for you! Takes a life of guts to do this but, sounds like it’s been rewarding!!

    1. Kim

      Thanks Rebecca! Yes, there are always ups and downs, but the rewards are worth it!

  7. Andi

    Congrats on the new adventures and for starting the blog, hope you continue to enjoy the leaving 9 to 5!

    1. Kim

      Thanks Andi! I hope you keep reading!

  8. Josy A

    Oooh this sounds like an epic adventure. It’ll be fun to read more. It’s funny how travel often turns out to be totally different to what you expect isn’t it!

    1. Kim

      Hey Josy, yes! I think travel is the best way to learn to deal with the unexpected. I’ll be posting a lot more, keep an eye out!

  9. MIchelle

    This sounds so fun. I must admit I am a little jealous, but excited for you and can’t wait to read more!

    1. Kim

      Hey Michelle, thanks! Looking forward to sharing more stories! And don’t be jealous, just reach out if you need help planning your own adventures!

  10. Christine

    What an adventure! Congrats on launching the blog!

    1. Kim

      I know, right? Very unexpected. Thanks Christine! I hope you keep reading!

  11. Rachel

    This is so cool! What a crazy adventure – I can’t wait to read more!


    Rachel | http://www.rachellaws.com

    1. Kim

      Hey Rachel, yes it’s definitely a crazy adventure! I’ve got more adventures planned, hope you keep reading! I’ll be checking out your blog as well!

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