I recently learned that the Japanese character for the word ‘intention’ is made up of two different characters – the ones for ‘heart’ and ‘direction.’ Did you know that? I also just realized that ‘intention,’ per se, is the opposite of ‘habit.’⠀

We grow up learning to live by habit. We subconsciously do hundreds of things each day, without realizing that every little thing we do can have a positive impact on our lives, as well as on others’.⠀

We learn to accept the routine and stay within our comfort zones. We tell ourselves that ‘life is life’ and treat ourselves like we’re just a number in this world.⠀

Tell yourselves that you’re not just a powerless being. Tell yourselves that life’s too short to stay within your comfort zone, and that you have the power to step out of it and consciously decide to live with intent. ⠀

Strive to intentionally work towards making a positive impact instead of saying that you don’t have the power to. Work towards intentionally leading a more fulfilling life by exploring, learning, adventuring, creating and challenging yourself.⠀

Intentionally live your best life and you’ll go places.⠀

The new year is coming up. Do you plan to live less out of habit and more out of intent? How?


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