Go Places Now’s Mission

At Go Places Now, we believe that everyone should live their best life while they can, and that there is always an adventure waiting to be discovered. We’re here to inspire you to go places, whether that means going a trip that you’ve been putting off or finally doing something that you’ve always wanted to do.  We are a travel blog, store and community that aims to help you travel more and live your best life.

A Note From Go Places Now’s Founder

Hey there! I’m Kim and I’m a former 9-to-5 hustler-turned nomad and world traveler. 

The best thing I’ve ever done was quit my 9-5 job and set out on an unexpected journey that took me to many countries including Spain, France, Switzerland, the UK, Morocco, Hong Kong and Thailand. 

I went places. And now, I want you to go places too. 

I founded Go Places Now to help you learn how you can live your best life, whether you want to travel more, live or work abroad, gain more flexibility or simply make time to do things you like to do. Drop by whenever you need motivation, inspiration or just want to learn something. Read my stories, contribute one of your own, or check out the Go Places Now store and start spreading some good vibes. 

Let’s go places!