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New Beginnings, Adventure & Culture

El Día de los Muertos

MEXICO CITY | OCT 30 - NOV 6, 2024

Join a community of like-minded adventurers during the Day of the Dead festivities - co-create together as you celebrate a new beginning, whatever that means to you and cross things off your bucket list.

Work or relax as much as you want!

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green yellow and red textile


Location: Mexico City

Duration: 7 nights (accommodation included)

Pre-trip call: A 1-on-1 zoom call with the host so we can make sure you make the most out of this experience

Meals included: 2 dinners

Experiences included:

  • Leader's / co-created workshops & activities.

  • Day of the Dead festivities

  • Day of the Dead mask-making workshop with a local artist

  • Day of the Dead city tour / trajinera ride in Xochimilco / cemetary walk at night

Optional experiences:

  • Frida Kahlo museum tour / Coyoacán bike adventure

  • Teotihuacán pyramids tour / hot air balloons / breakfast in a cave


  • Want to cross any of the items listed above off your bucket list.

  • Are looking for something flexible where you can always choose between relaxation and adventure.

  • Want to join a community of like-minded adventurers.

  • Need a "new beginning" after leaving your job, relationship or just like new experiences.

  • Just want to forget about your routine and live life to the fullest.

  • Are looking to grow personally and gain a diffferent perspective on life.

  • Want to feel rejuvenated and free!


You'll get a private suite at a hotel in Colonia Cuauhtémoc, a safe, cosmopolitan neighborhood near the centre of Mexico City. There you`ll find historic mansions and modern skyscrapers as well as many restaurants, taquerias and attractions like Chapultepec Park and The Angel of Independence Monument.

Your suite includes a king bed, kitchenette, private bathroom, balcony, free toiletteries and more!

smiling woman
smiling woman


The Day of the Dead, or El dia de los muertos, is a holiday celebrated in Mexico in which familiies remember loved ones who have passed away.

It's a joyful celebration - the Mexicans believe that the afterlife is as important, or even more important than your life on Earth.

Witnessing the celebrations and rituals is a moving experience. Join us and be part of the celebrations - see the Day of the Dead parade, learn to make your own Catrina mask from a local artist and watch how local families honor their loved ones who have moved on to the afterlife.

six silhouette of people jumping during sunrise
six silhouette of people jumping during sunrise


No two days will be the same!

Besides the first 3 days which are centered around getting to know the group, planning the retreat together and participating in the Day of the Dead festivities, the rest is all open and co-created.

The activities will be catered to the group. Need to work? You'll have time for that. Want to explore the city? You'll have time for that too. Join us on some tours, or choose to explore on your own. This is your retreat. Your host will get to know you and your goals before you arrive, so that she can make sure you make the most of the week.


* Subject to change as Day of the Dead activities are announced last-minute, but here's a general idea

Oct 30: Arrival
aerial photo of city
aerial photo of city

Arrive any time. Hang out with your host, retreat mates, rest or explore the city on your own.

yellow green and purple plastic balloons
yellow green and purple plastic balloons
people riding tour boats during daytime
people riding tour boats during daytime
Oct 31: Retreat Opening
  • Opening ceremony.

  • Get to know your host and all participants.

  • Co-create the retreat.

  • A local guide and artist will join us and teach you how to make your own Day of the Dead mask.

  • Opening dinner at an iconic restaurant in CDMX (included).

  • Tour the streets of Mexico City and visit iconic landmarks.

  • Vist a cemetary at night. Learn about the Day of the Dead festivities and admire the famous altars and their rich expressions of popular art that fuse symbolism and thought, both pre-Hispanic and Catholic, around death.

  • Enjoy a night tour in a trajinera - Mexican 'gondola' - through the canals of Xochimilco. Float through the decorated canals on this spectacular boat and pass through the chinampas -floating gardens - while dancing to the rhythm of Mexican music.

Nov 1: Day of the Dead Tour
person with skull face paint and umbrella
person with skull face paint and umbrella
Nov 2: Day of the Dead Festivities
  • Attend the Day of the Dead Carnival (Parade).

  • Co-created evening.

a group of hot air balloons flying over a hill
a group of hot air balloons flying over a hill
Nov 3: Open Day
  • Take advantage of the day to rest, work, shop or tour.

  • Co-created evening.

Nov 5: Optional Frida Kahlo & Coyoacán Bike Adventure
  • Explore Frida Kahlo's iconic Blue House (Casa Azul) in Coyoacán, the very place where her remarkable story unfolded.

  • Pedal through the charming cobblestone streets of Coyoacán, surrounded by colonial architecture, lush gardens, and rich history. Local guides will lead you through the hidden gems of this enchanting neighborhood, sharing tales of Frida’s creativity and her enduring influence on Mexican art and culture.

  • Closing dinner (included).

Nov 4: Optional Teotihuacan Pyramids Tour & Hot Air Balloon Ride with Breakfast in a Cave
  • Enjoy the incredible views on an unforgettable hot air balloon flight over the Teotihuacan pyramids.

  • Have breakfast in an impressive underground cave.

  • Free time to explore the pyramids.

+$105 USD

+$233 USD


You must apply to join - this is to ensure this experience is the right fit for you!

Limited spots!




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